Homemade Natural Deodorant

I am continually replacing my toiletries and cosmetics with natural alternatives in order to:

  • be environmentally friendly and throw away less packaging
  • treat my body to natural formulas, minus preservatives and harmful ingredients
  • save money on commercial products that can be made at home for a fraction of the price
  • reduce the number of products I have in my life

I wanted to stop wearing antiperspirant deodorant for a long time, however working in the beauty industry for 14 years, I felt obliged to conform to modern society.
After closing my salon in 2015, I decided to do what isn’t ‘normal’ and stop wearing it.

When telling people I do not wear deodorant, most are shocked, disgusted even, with one friend telling me it is socially unacceptable. Ha ha ha!

What’s the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant?
A deodorant removes or conceals the smell of the body allowing it to still sweat.
An antiperspirant stops the body from sweating.
An antiperspirant deodorant stops the body from sweating and hides the smell. This sounds ideal, right? I  disagree.

The body is designed to sweat for a reason, to eliminate toxins.

More importantly than the sweating part, I stopped wearing antiperspirant deodorant because the main ingredient is an aluminium-based compound, along with perfume, parabens, and chemicals. Despite studies claiming these ingredients have no harmful effect on the body, I’d prefer not to smother them on the largest organ of my body.

I looked at natural alternatives available in the shops and the ingredients still didn’t stack up, so I chose not wear anything for a few months. I was super smelly! Maybe my friend was right.

Incomes a homemade deodorant formula to save the day.


  • 6 teaspoons coconut oil
  • 4 teaspoons bicarbonate of soda
  • 4 teaspoons arrowroot (optional – this can be found in the cooking aisle or health food store)
  • 6 drops of essential oil (optional – I use lavender and tea tree oil for their ability to inhibit bacteria)


  • Melt the coconut oil in a bowl. Opt for a glass bowl over boiling water. Avoid using a microwave.
  • Mix the bicarb and arrowroot in with a teaspoon.
  • Add essential oils of your choice. Keep it simple as essential oils are medicinal.
  • Give it a stir then pour and store in a small, plastic, BPA-free pot
  • As it sets, give it a stir to stop the powders from settling

To Use:

  • Place a small amount in the palm of your hands, rub together so it metls and apply to the underarm area

The formula feels lovely, with the powders absorbing the oiliness of the coconut oil.
Beware, if you’ve just shaved or waxed, there can be a little stingy.

I’ve been using this formula since early 2016. I lead a busy life and exercise twice a day.
It prevents me from being stinky and lasts all day, sometimes two. Since using it I don’t sweat as much as I used to and if I do get smelly (because I’ve forgotten to put it on) it acts as a deodoriser, getting rid of the smell instantly!
This is a total winner!

deodorant pots

PLUS it makes a great face exfoliator!
There are so many reasons to give this a try.

Update Nov 2017: Since writing this, I get so many questions about whether it actually works. The answer is a big, fat YES!
It’s cheap, easy to make, and works better than most shop bought products.

This blog was inspired by my awesome ninja friend Fi Silk.
For her view on homemade deodorant, visit her site Bar-barella.