Van Log 003

Absolute 100% blimey!
As if any of this is happening. It’s unbelievable.

Firstly, it’s only just sinking in MT and I are actually living in our van, AND staying sane.

Secondly, there we were today at The Royal Marines base learning how to read sea charts with crazy instruments!

Before we went into the class room, we were hanging in some random room, then income 10 uniformed marine’s and started getting undressed! Oh my #awkward…. Maybe 🙈

Today’s class was awesome! So much to learn but we’ve got the best teacher.

Then, to finish the day, we headed to the gym on the base where there was another slightly awkward moment as I was the only girl. It’s the most ridiculous gym ever, spread over 3 floors with ropes, monkey bars, crash mats, weights, towers and equipment galore.

Now we are parked on the seafront. Beautiful!
But I’ve got a feeling it’s a dogging car park. Not so beautiful.
Plus I ate too much chorizo so feeling queasy about the whole matter.

Anyway, I’m dressed for bed in my gym kit, ready to row in the morning in exactly the same outfit. Easy!

Good night all, we’re now going to do some homework in the back of the van 😘

(Not many pictures today as we’re not allowed to take photos on base)

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