Van Log 005

All is well in the land of ‪#‎vanlife.
We decided against the dogging car park last night and headed for somewhere with a little less action.

There are systems in place with regards to cooking, changing, packing and organising but MT continues to knock his head on the lamp hanging in the middle of the van and it makes me laugh every time.

Not a lot to report today apart from us finally starting to get the hang of this sea chart stuff. It’s absolutely mind boggling and has opened my eyes to the complexity of the sea, yachting and sailing.

Also, did a casual acroyoga session in the marines gym after weight lifting.

To add interest to my Van Log, I’ll share a (gross) story with you.

I’m currently sat in A&E. As always, I continue to astonish people with my weird ailments. Get ready, it’s gross!
4 months ago I was bitten on my bum by an insect.

Roll on to now, the bite has moved an inch and a half, leaving a track on my skin. I think there’s a parasite in there! Told you it’s gross.

It’s SUPER itchy and painful in one. Doctors don’t know what it is, and continue hand out a plethora of medicines that don’t work. Even a trip to A&E hasn’t helped. And I’m pissed off. We’ve named the parasite Fred and I want him gone!

A little extra story for entertainment.
11 years ago I went to Thailand and got hookworm in my foot. I was bitten by a mosquito, then trod in dog poo on the beach and 2 hookworms lived in my foot for 6 months, eating their way from my little toe to my ankle. NICE! Fred is similar but moves in a different way.

That’s it. That’s all I’ve got for you. Entertaining I hope?

I’ll get a picture of Fred for you tomorrow 👍🏼

Now we’re off for a gourmet Lidl dinner in the back of the van at a gorgeous viewpoint.

Happy Wednesday Evening X
Fred says Good Evening too 🐛

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