Van Log 006

I think Fred knew we were talking about him yesterday and he got excited. He was fidgeting in bed last night and being a nuisance. Naughty Fred! Keep still!

Night 6 in the van and I haven’t yet explained why we are doing it.
It’s 16 nights, the 2 of us, living in a 1.2m by 2m space.

Firstly, and most importantly, it’s to save money. We’re needing to put every penny we have (which isn’t a lot) into our rowing adventure. Travelling all over the country to sponsors and eating takes up most of our money! Training twice a day means we eat A LOT!

Secondly, we wanted to see what it is like living in a small and compact space, with each other.

I truly believed it would be hard. Not only is it winter but living in such a confined space with another person, in each other’s pockets 24/7, I thought would really test us. It turns out I was wrong.
Admittedly, it gets ‘heated’ at times, like when we’re tired, hungry, want to do different things, when 12 eggs break in the food bag, but it’s manageable. More than manageable.

Each day, we become more acclimatised to our surroundings and learn how each other work. Credit to MT, I wouldn’t want to be him.
So, today I hit my third of a million metres on the rowing machine, roll on the half.
We stepped foot on a yacht. It was stationary in the marina, but we still felt cool 😎

We’re giving each other directions to the shops in bearings. Yep I just admitted that.

And now, it’s ration pack time in the back of the van. 2 packs each = 1,000 calories in one hit!!!! Oossh πŸ’ͺ🏼

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