Van Log 007

Wake up. I’m already in my gym kit because I go to sleep in it.
Minutes are precious.
Space is limited.
Let’s go to the gym then 🚣🏼

School finishes at 12 midday on a Friday. Happy days!

By the end of the week, MT and I are destroyed from training and right now (Friday) all we want to do is relax after a busy week at sea school. But no, weightlifting; heavy squats, bench and barbell row are required 😐

A quick ration pack of expedition breakfast feels like a great idea until I burp up a freeze-dried strawberry in my mouth in the squat rack.
Surprisingly, I chuck in a cheeky 1RM deadlift at the end of a session despite feeling knackered and pull a PB. Ha! How did that happen? Maybe the sneaky trump helped with my final thrust!

Our Friday in a nutshell:
Lunch down at Plymouth coast. Check out the beautiful picture.

Off to meet Umberto from Absolute360 to talk all things bio ceramic and far infrared fabrics to aid us in recovery during our training. Very handy!

THEN! Acroyoga!!!! OMG!!! Ridiculous, crazy, amazing, intense, core trembling and beautiful!! We had the best time!

THEN!!!!! To the cinema to watch Star Wars in 3D. Don’t ask me if I enjoyed it, I fell asleep and dribbled after 30 minutes. MT was NOT impressed 🙊

Half past midnight, 3 training sessions, 2 missed meals and a lot of fun- we hit the sack in our favourite spot and fall straight to sleep, content, knowing we have a lie in the next day.
Love #vanlife X

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