Van Log 009

And we’re halfway through our #vanlife adventures. I might never want to leave the van 🚐😍

The downside of sleeping in my activewear is I dribbled on my sleeve during the night and am now haunted with the smell of dribble all day. I could put on another top, yes, but we only have 3 outfits each. Rationing them is important.

Despite the smell of morning breath, today was one of those perfect days that you never want to end.

Firstly: I casually knocked out a pistol squat whilst cooking breakfast! I’ve been practising for weeks and it just happened! πŸ’ͺ🏼 I was so happy, I gave myself a headache.

Secondly: We had an entertaining conversation over an egg, tomato, broccoli and chorizo breakfast in the comfort of our friend’s house- please see picture for enjoyment. Power to The Moon Cup.

Thirdly: I practised handstands on the beach in Cornwall, did my longest one ever, perved over MT surfing and did some serious sun salutation yoga with bare feet in the sand. Yum!

Fourthly: I had an overflow of flan mixture left over from last nights dinner so made a mini flan, also known as Van Flan!!!! Totes Delish.

Fifthly (is this even a word?): We are having homemade fish and sweet potato chips with veg for tea at our friends.

Sixthly (as above?): I’m drinking pink cider and eating 85% dark chocolate, which is great …. whilst doing my homework, which is not so great. It hurts my brain loads but it makes me feel kind of clever, even if I’ve got all the questions wrong.

Now, I’m tucked up in bed ready for another week of sea school and full on training.

I hope you all had a great weekend. X

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