It’s Official! I’m Rowing Across the Atlantic

Sunday 06/09/15

After a busy day working with Ben and Karl taking down the obstacles from the Spartan Race Cambridge event, we all head back to the staff house for some important administration.

Tonight is the night we fill out our Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge application forms and send our first instalment of our registration fee to Atlantic Campaigns.

It’s a good job I felt tired as it numbed the nerves.

Ok. It’s done. I’m officially entered into The Talisker Whisky Challenge along with Ben, Karl and Matthew under the name 3 Men & A Little Lady. There’s no going back now.

I stare at the application form and it dawns on me that this challenge is likely going to change my life. I must admit, it made me feel a bit emotional and for one reason or another I spend that evening having a little cry.

Signed, sealed and delivered. I’m going to row across the Atlantic Ocean!