Everything is Difficult!

Recently, many things in my thirty-eighth year seems difficult.

Motivating myself to go for a run.
Updating my website.
Making that video.
Writing that blog.

Maybe I’m getting tired?

I can visualise what I want to do.
I even know what I need to do to get there. Often, it’s not that much.
But it all seems SO DIFFICULT!

In many cases making the first few steps are the hardest part; lacing up my trainers, writing the first two sentences, putting the camera on the tripod…..

Once I’ve got started it’s not so hard.
In fact, once I’ve got started it feels good.
And when I’ve completed the task it feels great!

So why does it always feel so difficult?
Will it always be like this? *

The hardest part is starting. Once you get that out the way, you’ll find the rest of the journey easier.

Simon Sinek

What would be more difficult than doing what you want to do?
Looking back when you are old and wishing you had done it when you had the energy.

I best put my trainers on 😜

*yes, but that’s what brings satisfaction and results!