One Thing Leads To Another

In 2014 ago I was the owner of a beauty salon and had never done an event more than a few hours.
I’d only been running a few years and was just days away from my first ever endurance event.
I’d never done anything like it before.
I’d been offered the ticket for free just 6 weeks before and wasn’t prepared with kit or training.
But I said yes and it changed my life FOREVER.
More than I ever could have imagined!

See below or click here to watch the Facebook Live video explaining the series of events that lead me to where I am now.

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June 2017: I rowed around Great Britain which led to
December 2018: fulfilling my original dream of rowing across the Atlantic!

It all happened because I said yes to that free ticket.
The event I had no experience in.
An event my boyfriend at the time said I wouldn’t be able to do.

Isn’t it fascinating how things work out?!