Achilles & Hip Health Routine

I had the pleasure of hosting this Achillies & Hip Health Workshop on a Vivobarefoot Instagram Live.

I put together a selection of exercises I’ve been using during the lockdown of COVID19 which have been really effective in helping increase the range of movement in my ankles and hips.

Opening up these joints have allowed me to reach a deeper, more comfortable squat position, which has improved the quality of many other exercises.

The follow-along YouTube video is here:

The routine is 20 – 25 minutes and requires just a golf ball (or similar), and a towel to use under the heels if you struggle with a deep squat.

Do the routine 1 – 2 times per week.
It can be done as a dynamic warm-up or cool down or used as a recovery workout.

It’s taken 10 weeks for me to notice a difference in the quality of my movements, with a sticky left hip finally loosening.
Stick with the routine, try not to get frustrated with a tight range of motion and use the time to relax the mind and body.

Thanks for tuning in and taking part in this routine.
I hope you like it and you notice a difference in how your body feels and performs.
Come and find me on social media and let me know what you think of it.

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