Mindful Prehab Routine – Bodyweight Exercises for Injury Prevention

I had the pleasure of hosting a live Mindful Prehab session on the Vivobarefoot Instagram account.

I used a mixture of techniques I’ve learnt over the last few years from teachers, books, workshops and through my own practice.

The 30-45 minute session includes a dynamic warm-up, breath work, single-limb exercises and a stretch at the end.

It has been designed to be done in a small space and with no equipment.
The exercises can be done with weights for increased load and effort but it’s not essential —-> Part 2 video can be found here.

I designed this for those days where you need some timeout from your regular training programme and want to move but to also connect with your mind.
I’m hoping you’ll feel calm yet activated afterwards.

You can also download a list of the exercises below so you can do them whenever you feel like you need or want them.

I designed a Spotify playlist to complement this routine. It is 34 minutes and I arranged it to fit the exercises – click here.

To view the single-limb exercises using weights and a resistance band click here.

Thanks for tuning in and I really hope you enjoy the session.
Please let me know what you think about it – reach out to me on social media.

Thank you to Vivobarefoot for inspiring me to make this workout.

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