The World’s Smallest Microadventure?

After a busy few weeks focusing on fundraising and sponsorship, teamed with the dark winter mornings and evenings, I was getting itchy feet for an adventure.

With limited time, energy and finances, my housemate and I decided to do the tiniest of microadventures and set up camp just 12 metres from our front door in the garden. It was just the thing I needed to blow away the winter cobwebs and get my brain and body back to feeling less robotic and more human again.

We walked to the woodlands behind our house to collect fire wood, then I built a tarpaulin shelter and practised my fire lighting skills.
The camp was set up within 45 minutes giving me enough time to sit in my camping chair, learn some new knots and gaze at the stars.

My feet are less itchy and my soul is rejuvenated.
It’s almost like medicine! Perfect!

Here’s a short video of our micradventure.