19 Reasons Why I Run

  1. I run to stay healthy
  2. I run to get the recommended 15 minutes of daylight each day
  3. I run to get to places
  4. I run because it is quicker than walking
  5. I run because it releases endorphins
  6. I run because I am addicted to endorphins
  7. I run to get away from my brain
  8. I run because I get to eat lots afterwards
  9. I run because it’s like moving meditation
  10. I run to escape the searing pain of loneliness
  11. I run because human beings are designed to run
  12. I run because it keeps my depression at bay
  13. I run because it gets rid of the bad thoughts and feelings
  14. I run because it adds good thoughts and feelings
  15. I run because I come up with creative ideas when I do it
  16. I run because it makes me more productive
  17. I run because it keeps me fit
  18. I run because I still want to be doing it when I’m 90
  19. I run because when we get attacked by zombies the slow ones will get eaten first

To see my fitness routines, head to my Training Log or check out my Instagram Stories. I post what I get up to each day on there.

Do you run? If so, why do you do it?
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